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Why buy a personalized gift?

When you personalize an item, you expand yourself to many different benefits. A personalized item is a unique way to share a special connection with a loved one, showcase your creativity by personalizing our brand name clothing, or even boost morale in the workplace by creating a cohesive “team” feel with matching PPE wear. 

The possibilities are endless. If you celebrate it, let us elevate it!

Why choose Personalization House? Let’s talk values!

We are a community of artists from all different backgrounds. Personalization House is founded on real people supporting prevalent world issues.

As a business, we personalize our products with USA labor, we have an extensive recycling plan that is center around sustainability awareness, and our PPE/T-shirt proceeds go to supporting our local medical heroes in the fight against COVID-19. 

How it works: Your part and ours!

Let’s start: you browse through our vast selection of products and brands on your desktop or mobile device, select the product you would like to personalize, and provide us with a general idea or exact design of what you would like.

Next, our skilled team of designers will take your provided information to create a digital proof for you to review and approve. We will work with you until it’s perfect!

Lastly, we will produce and ship your made-to-order item! We hope you enjoy it!


We offer free shipping within the USA or free pick up at our Oak Park, IL location. Check out some of our links for help personalizing your items, contact us form for more information, or our location. We love to help!

Personalized Gifts – the perfect gift-giving idea for the holidays!

We all know that one person who has everything? The one who always seems to have the perfect gift for everyone else but there is never anything they want. Well, I’m here to help you find the perfect personalized present! Today, we will be discussing how to create a personalized present that your giftee will love.

I’ll cover topics such as: what kind of gifts are appropriate and how much should you spend on them; ways to brainstorm ideas for a good gift; and lastly, some resources for finding inexpensive options. So if you’re looking for a way to make this holiday season extra special, keep reading!

How much to spend on a gift?

It’s that time of the year again. The holidays are approaching and so many people start to wonder what they should buy for their loved ones. When it comes to buying gifts, we want everyone we love to be happy with the present we give them, but how much do you really need to spend? There is no single answer because it all depends on your budget and who you’re shopping for. This article will help guide you in creating the perfect customized gift to give this holiday season.

Finding the perfect gift for someone special can be difficult, especially if they have everything or don’t know what they want! It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money- sometimes even something simple that they can used daily – like a personalized coffee cup or mug – can serve to remind the people you love of the fact that you love and care about them!  It truly is “the thought that counts”!

Ways to brainstorm ideas for a good gifts?

A personalized gift is a thoughtful way to show someone you care. Here are 5 steps to create the perfect personalized gift:

  1. Research your recipient’s interests, hobbies and favorite things by looking through old photos and social media posts;
  2. Brainstorm ideas for customizing an existing product or making something completely new using his/her favorite colors, materials, patterns or textures;
  3. Pick a product, submit your graphics or thoughts, ask us how we can help you with the personalization project;
  4. Personalize it with something special that only he/she would know about such as their initials on a necklace, keychain or personal message on a stationery binder;
  5. Finally, present your creation in an appropriate manner whether it be wrapped up prettily in tissue paper or packaged neatly in a box.

We have selected our top 8 budget-friendly personalized holiday gifts for you:

1. Personalized Cookware

If your loved one loves to cook personalized cookware is a great gift. You can engrave bamboo spatulas, salad spoons, and other kitchen utensils with names, messages, and logos. This personalized gift has the perfect balance between practical and personal. The best is that you are probably going to get a few dinner invitations after this.

2. Personalized Tote Bags

Tote bags are a great gift because they are versatile and money-saving gifts. Your loved one can use a tote bag for grocery shopping, carrying books, and many others. Everybody uses tote bags; they are practical and reusable which makes them eco-friendly. So, why not give a personalized tote bag as a gift? You can print your designs on a tote bag and create unique custom-made bags for your family and friends.

3. Customized Wine and Barware

If your giftee loves wine is going to fall in love with a customized wine tumbler. Wine tumblers are excellent gifts for those wine lovers who enjoy drinking cold wine outside. Insulated stainless steel wine tumblers keep your wine cold for up to 6 hours. So, your loved one can easily spend an evening drinking wine in great company without worrying about a lukewarm wine.

Wine tumblers came in many colors. You can customize your wine tumbler with names, messages, or logos. Giving a custom-made wine tumbler means giving a present that your loved one will use for years to come.

4. Unique Coffee Mugs

There is something joyful about having your own personalized mug, particularly when it has a unique and relatable design that highlights your personality. If you choose a custom-made mug your loved one will drink coffee from it every morning with a smile.

Personalized mugs are great holiday season gifts: they are inexpensive, practical, and completely customizable. In fact, you could buy Holiday mugs for a whole family unafraid of being repetitive cause each mug could be as different as its owners.

6. Custom-made Socks

Socks are one of the most undervalued garments. Most people don’t even think about them. But personalized socks can be funny to wear. Give your loved one the happiest start of the day with colorful custom-made socks. Personalized socks came in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and you can embroider initials, names, or messages to give them a personal touch. Personalized socks are the perfect holiday gift.

7. Your own Water Bottles

Doctors say you should drink at least eight glasses of water a day, but most of us are busy and tend to forget about it. Having a water bottle around will remind your loved one to take a sip and stay hydrated. Custom-made water bottles are practical and inexpensive, and also shows that you care.

If your recipient cares for the environment is going to love a personalized water bottle with their name on it. Custom-made water bottles a lot greener than disposable water bottles, and it is also less expensive in the long run.

8. Customized Photo Frames

A picture of you and your loved one together from a special day on a personalized frame is a great personalized holiday gift. Photo Frames help to preserve memories and remembering those we love. So, it is the perfect gift to give to your loved ones on Holidays. Personalized photo frames come in many styles and prices, so you can choose whatever suits your budget.

Custom made photo frames are also highly decorative. A beautiful photo frame can instantly make a room more pleasant by giving it a personal touch. You might even say that photo frames can help transform a house into a home.

Create amazing personalized gifts at

The Holiday season can be a stressful time for gift-giving. By the end of it, you are probably tired of thinking about finding the right gift and run out of gift ideas. If you are stuck with one or two more names on your list, trying to figure out what could be the perfect gift – you have come to the right place. has an extensive catalog of personalized gifts for every occasion and recipient, even for that hard-to-shop-for friend or family member.

So, don’t worry. At you will find and create the personalized holiday gifts you are looking for! is a website of Personalization House, a team of brilliant designers dedicated to creating unique and creative personalized gifts in the Oak Park, IL US. Every product on can be personalized using techniques such as engraving, digital printing, etching, embroidering, and others.

The true success of is that it combines the skilled craftsmanship and passion for design of these artists with a friendly customer service that makes the process of creating personalized gifts simpler, easier, and free. Yes, you are paying for the product, but the personalization is free. offers free personalization on every order you make, which means you can create your own personalized holiday gift for free in a few simple steps using the website samples.

But how does this work?

Creating your own personalized gifts at is a simple 4 step process:

1. Choose your gift

We invite you to browse through our website to know our vast selection of products and brands. You can do it using your desktop or mobile device. If you don’t know exactly what to give, we recommend you use our drop-down categories for gift suggestions by recipient or occasion.

Remember that the gift you choose for your loved one should be meaningful for the person. Once you are sure, choose the product you would like to personalize.

2. Describe what you want

Every product on our website has a customizing box where you can tell us what you want.

Help us to know what you want by answering the following questions; do you want to include a name, monogram, message, logo, or photo? Do you have a preferred font? Do you have pictures of your design? You can even add personalization files like graphics, text, or PDF files.

If you have trouble deciding what you want, you can ask us for help. An artist from Personalization House will contact you to help with your design. offers help to personalize your product for free.

3. Review and approve the design

After describing what kind of personalization you are looking for on a product, our skilled team of graphic designers will take that information to create a digital proof for you to review and approve. They will work with you until you are satisfied with the result.

Remember that some customization techniques have limitations regarding the final result. For example, glass engraving can not imprint colors on clear glasses. So, if color is indispensable to you, you might want to choose another product like a custom-made mug.

4. Wait for your gift to arrive

Lastly, we will personalize and ship your gift. We offer free shipping within the US or free pick up at our Oak Park, IL location. Ask us about shipping for the rest of the world.

As you can see at it is easy to create memorable custom-made gifts! Personalized gifts are meant to be demonstrations of appreciation for those we care for. makes personalization easier than ever before!

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