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How to keep up your Halloween Spirit 1

This year’s Halloween promises to be anything but traditional. Trick-or-treating is the hallmark of the holiday and is being cancelled all over the country due to Covid-19. Although things will certainly have a different complexion this year, we highly recommend keeping the spirit alive and celebrating within your household.

PH Tips to keep up the Halloween Spirit

– Decorate – 

Your neighbors will appreciate a spooky yard and establishing the ambience will make everyone feel more festive. We offer custom signs of all types and pennants you can add your personal touch to for an extra scare if you dare.

– Stay Festive and Stay Safe –

Continue being diligent about wearing your masks but add an ominous touch with a personalized mask to match your costume.  You can even customize and match your pet’s freaky flair with our pawsitively frightening pet bandanas or scarves to your frightful or delightful mask.

– Pizza Party – 

Pickup your favorite pizza and add extra toppings to create your own delicious masterpiece. Make it scary and cut extra cheese into ghostly shapes or lay out your peppers into a Jack O’Lantern face, the options are endless. We’ll keep you prepared for your party with our halloween cutting boards, pizza cutters, aprons, placemats and more.

– Eerie Movie Marathon – 

Cuddle up with a warm custom blanket on a chilly evening while watching some truly eerie flicks. Make it extra special by building a blanket fort complete with flashlights!

Dress Up – 

Do it! Even though you may not get a treat for your tricked out outfit. Dressing up is one of the most magical parts of the holiday and you can share your wicked selfies with extended family and friends. You can even sneak in a little extra Halloween warmth with our Spirit Socks, add a personal touch with your embroidered initials. 

– Trick-or-Treat, Hide-and-Seek – 

Hide little treats or tricks around the house for the kids to find. We know it’s not the same as braving the strange neighbor’s door but the little ones will still get a good scare from a misplaced spider or two! And who doesn’t love a candy hunt?

Play Games –

Get a personalized game of (candy)cornhole, dominoes, cribbage or mancala for a frightfully good time. Bet your favorite candies to keep the games interesting!

Halloween may be very different from the norm this year but we strongly encourage you to celebrate the holiday and add some new family traditions.